How does iCount work?
iCount takes a picture of the audience with a high resolution camera using the illumination of the screen. This picture is taken without an external flash or additional lighting. The picture is sent to a computer where intelligent Machine Vision algorithms count the number of people sitting in each auditorium. These algorithms recognize the human shapes to identify and count the audience. The count is compared with the number of tickets sold. Any resulting discrepancy is reported through the web or email with visual proof. The interactive cinema is provided by recognizing the gestures such as raised hands of the audience or colored indicators selected by the user.
How much does it cost?
iCount offers three different Sale models:

Lease Model
There is no upfront cost for the customer. iCount pays for installation, Hardware, Software and Maintenance. iCount only charge fraction of one Adult ticket price / show from the customer. Considering 1% fraud exists in cinema industry, the system not only pays for itself but also help you collect higher revenues.

Outright Purchase Model
For outright purchase iCount provides Hardware, Software, installation and one year maintenance for one time Low price. Combination Model

In this model customer pays 50% of the sale price upfront and 50% of the lease model price per show. iCount provides Hardware, Software, Installation and Maintenance for three years. Customer will own the hardware after the three year period.
How does iCount help me save money?
Considering there is only 1% fraud. It is costing theater owners over $2.62 per show. iCount gives you the accurate information on the number of people watching every show. This information will help you collect all the revenues for no upfront cost.
How does iCount send me the information?
iCount sends you an email with the # of tickets sold compare to the # of people watching the show with a visual proof. You can also get this information from a website.
Who else can see this information?
This is your confidential information and only people you allow will be able to see this information. and no one else.


  • Prevent fraud in theatres
  • Multiple theatres from a central location
  • Checks for pre-show readiness and unscheduled shows
  • Monitors for illegal movie recordings
  • Deters rowdy audience
  • Increases Revenue and creates better employees

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