Prevent fraud in theatres
One of the challenging problems for cinema industry is fraud. From Internal and external sources that cut into revenues. The possibility of staff could let their friends in, could selling tickets illegally or just not be doing their job. People Customer hop from crossover from screen to screen and may enter entering through exit doors. iCount keeps a check on all scam possibilities so theatres owners don't suffer any loss due to fraud.
Multiple theatres from a central location
Keep a a check on multiple theatres from a central location. iCount keeps corporations or owners monitor their mulitple theatres from one location. With the consolidation in the cinema industry, this feature comes in handy for operations managers who manage theatres from multiple locations
Checks for pre-show readiness and unscheduled shows
Managers can ensure that auditoriums are cleaned between shows from the convenience of their office. Cleaning history of the auditorium could be maintained and uses as a management tool. Managers can also supervise if there is any activity after the last scheduled show to ensure no additional showings of movies.
Monitors for illegal movie recordings
Even if someone has managed to sneak in a movie camera into the theatre, iCount enables owners to keep an eye on the audience, so that any illegal movie recordings can be monitored and reported.
Deters rowdy audience
iCount helps owners keep a check on the audience so any form of rowdy or unacceptable behavior can be avoided and a person performing such acts can be identified and warnded
Increases Revenue and creates better employees
iCount increases your revenue through the elimination of fraud with positive photo proof that is 99% accurate. Employees will develop responsible and reliable habits that will create a better environment and enhance productivity for your theatre.
Additional add on features
Reserved seating
Guided reserve seating using iCount technology by using open foyer concept. Showing seating chart outside auditorium using colored coded system. Different colors indicating seats occupied / sold, occupied/not sold, empty/sold, empty/not sold.
  • Accoutablility for seats taken
  • Increased Revenue
  • Reduction in the number of security staff
  • Save cost of distributor representative
  • Enhanced entertainment through user interaction
  • Addtional revenues through Ad and Product surveys
  • Keep a watchful eye on the staff
  • Peace of mind with always-on remote management
  • Create better employees
  • Monitor for auditorium cleaniness
  • Deter rowdy audience
  • Monitor for illegal movie recording
  • Monitor for unscheduled shows
  • Monitor Multiple Theatres from a central location
Comparison of Technologies
  Camera Seat Sensor
Installation Easy Hard - complex wiring
Monitor Auditorium Yes No
Monitor Common Areas Optional No
Remote Auditorium Monitoring Yes - Web image based interface to monitor all theaters No
Durability Pure solid state
electronics-Long life
Machanical part-prone to wear
Prone to Pilferage No - System is not accessible to audience Yes - Cables and Sensors could be damaged
Accuracy > 99%
(100% with confirmation)
> 99%
* 3 year amortized
Less than cost of 1 ticket per show Miltiple times higher
Return On Investment
Average Ticket Cost $7.00
Theatre Capacity 250
Avg. Occupancy 15%
Revenue per show $262.50
Avg. Fraud % 1.00%
Loss  revenues per show $2.62
Loss  revenues per year 4790.62
Approximate ROI Less than 1 year


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