Welcome to iCount-USA

iCount-USA, a partner company of PH Technical Labs, markets and sells iCount systems for the North American market. The iCount founders bring over 15 years of Machine Vision and cinema industry experience. iCount provides a cost effective and novel approach of audience verification through application of machine Vision - computers that can see. iCount technology is primarily used in theatre auditorium for automatically recognizing and verifying the number of people from a picture photo of the audience.

Founded in 2005, PH Technical Labs develops markets and sells products in Machine Vision Technologies. In addition to three pending patents for iCount technology, PH Technical Labs has several patents in technological areas

iCount takes a picture of the audience with a high resolution camera using the illumination of the screen. This picture is taken without an external flash or additional lighting. The picture is sent to a computer where intelligent Machine Vision algorithms count the number of people sitting in each auditorium.

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